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Published on June 30th, 2013 | by Tom


Minecraft Blueprint: Wizard Tower

This tower is defensible, spacious, and dramatic- everything that’s important in a residence! It’s made out of easy-to-find materials and gives you a great view of everything around you.

You can also make this tower as tall as you wish by simply adding layers of stone. The upper room is perfect for making into a cozy room where you can enchant, brew potions, or simply stash all your goodies and treasures!



What you’ll need

  • 160 Cobblestone
  • 93 Wood Planks
  • 1 fence post
  • 2 stone stairs
  • 7 ladders
  • 1 door


Step 1: Throw down a ring of cobblestones as shown. It’s three blocks wide on the long edges.


Step 2: Build up the stone walls in the same pattern until they’re 8 blocks high.


Step 3: create an opening on one side for your door, and add a three block wide base on either side.


Step 4: install the door and put a stair block on each side.


Step 5: add a solid wooden floor on the 4th row from the top of the stone wall.


Step 6: Remove a single wood block from the upstairs floor, and add ladders down to the ground level.


Step 7: make one window one each of the 4 main upper walls. They should be a single block in size, and be at eye height.


Step 8: Add the first portion of the roof. It’s the same shape as the wall, except one block wider and higher than the top row. Here’s a view from above:



Step 10: add a second layer to the roof. It’s the same shape as the stone wall. The blocks are only connected diagonally. Here’s a view from underneath:



Step 11: add a third layer inward. You can use this construction technique to more easily place the diagonal blocks: fill in the gap with dirt, place the block on the dirt, and then remove the spare dirt block after.


Step 12: Build a fourth layer. Again, it’s one row higher than the last and one block inside of the others.


Step 13: Cap it off with a 3×3 square of wood


Step 14: Add a single wood block on the top, and stick a fence post on top of it.

Designs book render

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  1. Dj says:

    I combines this with the compound to create a Minecraft Kremlin

  2. Captanskydimonds says:

    Lookes good for surival games.

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