Minecraft Building Ideas

Hi friends! Looking for ideas of things to build in Minecraft?

There’s a way for you to never be short on ideas again. And don’t worry, it’s easy!

When most people start to think about what to build, they often come up with a huge, dramatic idea. It might be a castle or huge fortress, and then they quickly get overwhelmed. They think they need to see the design in their head start-to-finish or know exactly what they need to do. I used to do that all the time!

The problem is, people think “bigger is better”, but in Minecraft that idea can kill all the fun. Don’t get me wrong: it can be fun to make a large structure. But you don’t want to come up with an idea so huge that you aren’t able to finish it, or to even get started!

I want to make sure you are never again short on awesome, fun ideas for things to build in Minecraft! I guarantee you’ll have more than enough ideas by the time you finish reading this article! Don’t even worry about reading the whole thing. If you find something you like, just go with it and strike while the iron’s hot!

One of the easiest ways to come up with ideas of things to build in Survival mode is to go by your current needs.

Screenshot (69)Did you just get started? You might want to go with a simple cabin shelter, or dig a comfortable cave into the ground or mountainside.

Are you getting your butt kicked by monsters? You may want to construct a fortress with a moat and high walls.

Are you deep underground on a mining operation with no end in sight? It might be wise to build a mining stronghold with plenty of room for storage and crafting.

Now let’s talk about going by your personal preferences.


Let’s say you love to farm and want to be surrounded by your crops and animals. You should consider making lots of fences to create nice fields to admire. You could make a barn to hold your animals and keep them safe from danger. If you’re more of an adventurer you might want to have a more straightforward place to rest and restock. Something like a tower or safehouse.

How do you feel about being enclosed versus seeing the outside scenery?

Also consider the common types of structures:

Tree houses

Minecraft Building Ideas

Use a tree as the base for the structure, keeping you off of the ground and out of danger. You can build by connecting to the trunks, on top of the foliage, or both. Your choice. You can add fences or walls to prevent big falls and splats. I’ve fallen out of a treehouse more than once. It’s pretty embarrassing when you’re playing on a server with other people :)

It’s fun to build interconnecting walkways to create a network of rooms in separate treetops. Add trapdoors and ladders to prevent obvious entry points for hostile creatures to come up.

Make sure you light up any foliage above you with torches so that creepers don’t spawn on top of the trees and drop in to blow up your residence. Tree houses are particularly awesome in the jungle, where trees grow many times the size of Minecraft’s ordinary trees!


Castles require a lot of work. It takes tons of stone to build a monster castle, and you’ll have to do a lot of mining to gather that much stone, but there’s nothing like the thrill of seeing your gigantic, epic castle rising above the landscape and treetops!

Check out online references for gates, walls, parapets, grand halls, and other castle elements. Castles were built primarily for defense, so take inspiration from historical examples: add lips to prevent climbing, arrow slits for shooting, thick damage-resistant walls. Your castle can be an unbreachable fortress of safety if built properly!

Underground Buildings

Underground spaces are one of the safest and cheapest (resource wise) types of structures you can make. You won’t have monsters getting in from the land outside since you’re beneath it. They’ll only be an issue if you don’t have it well-lit. You can also be right outside your mine so that you don’t

You can make underground dwellings accessible only from underground, or you could create a cool entrance so that you descend down into the ground to get to the structure. This opens up a lot of fun opportunities for dramatic stairs downward, hidden redstone doors, and other cool Zelda-like dungeon elements :)have to spend a lot of time traveling.

Houses, Towers, Etc

Minecraft Building Ideas

Houses of all different styles are possible in Minecraft. Your main concern is safety, since many structures require extra fortifications to be completely safe. You can add fences or build in inaccessible locations, such as a mountain top, so that the terrain keeps monsters away. Light up the area around your home so that the baddies don’t spawn close by, and make sure you have something more than a simple wooden door so that zombies can’t break it down.

Towers are one of my favorite options. You can be high over the landscape, surveying your kingdom in safety. They’re like a castle, since they’re focused on safety and inaccessibility, yet retain some of the style of a house depending on your architectural approach. Place cacti, water, trenches, or castle elements around your tower or dwelling to improve its safety. They also have a smaller footprint than a castle, and therefore may require WAY less materials.

Take Your Pick!

I’ll leave you with a list of ideas. Pick one and start building! Work through any hesitation or uncertainty you feel and you’ll come out with a seed of something really cool!

  • A hidden passage within an existing building behind a fireplace or bookshelf
  • A secret path through the shrubs that goes into a basement
  • A place for guests to hang out when they visit to rest and store their materials
  • A welcome station for people getting off of minecarts to your base, complete with a sign and chest full of food
  • An organized place for storage with labeled chests for every type of item.
  • Fountains and water features
  • Supports and beams to make the construction look strong and believable
  • Unique kinds of windows, such as cross or circle shapes, or windows with fences inside instead of glass
  • A gallery full of paintings, a place to show off treasures, or simple potted plants on tables
  • Balconies looking out over the landscape
  • A hidden cave behind a waterfall (classic!)
  • A note block that plays a sound when someone comes into a front door
  • A dedicated room for a library or enchantment workshop
  • An epic minecart bridge connecting your home to your friend’s
  • A secure and fireproof room for forging

There’s absolutely no shortage of  cool things to build in Minecraft once you’ve got your imagination fired and ready to go!


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