Minecraft Cool Things to Build

Minecraft cool things to buildMinecraft is as much a platform for creativity as it is a game. It owes its enormous success to the player’s ability to create anything in his or her imagination, but sometimes you need that killer idea that gets you going. If you’re like me, you actually find coming up with ideas and making designs to be pretty tricky, so I’ll share some things that I’ve learned to make that process easier. This article will be all about how to come up with those great ideas. I can guarantee you won’t be short on ideas if you read further ;-)

First, think big! You have to have the seed of a great idea. It should be something a little beyond what you already know how to easily build. That way you get to learn something new and stretch yourself to make something worth getting really excited about and proud of.

What Kind of Project?

There are many types of big projects you can undertake, so it’s a good idea to first figure out what type of project you are interested in:

  • Are you thinking of creating a large structure?
  • Do you want to add redstone mechanisms to your existing base?
  • Do you want to connect two locations, perhaps you and a friend’s buildings, with a super-long mine cart rail?

Sometimes this quick brainstorming is all you need to do. I remember when I was once playing with a friend, and neither of us had built large rail systems before. We decided to connect his castle and my mining location with a mine cart rail on an elevated bridge. We got so excited that we worked on the project for hours, and were giddy when we could finally make the first ceremonial trip by cart between the two locations. To me, that’s what Minecraft is all about: that exciting emotional journey where you get lost in the world for hours at a time working on something satisfying :)

Inspiration and References

Personally, I usually have a hard time just coming up with an idea out of nowhere. I tend to need to research my ideas and, once I have one, often have to use reference pictures while I build.

I recommend keeping a “Minecraft Inspiration” folder. Save a copy when you happen to see a neat picture that gives you an idea, and you can go back to that folder later. Here are some of the things that are in my current Minecraft Inspiration folder:




I usually don’t copy something out of a picture 100%, but I’ll take inspiration from elements within it. So in the picture right above, I like the square windows of the fortress because I think that would mesh well with Minecraft’s blocky architecture. I like the wall because it’s also suitable.

You might find pictures randomly, or you can search specifically for them. You can add the word “Minecraft” to your searches so that you can see examples of things people already built. That’s one of the easiest ways to go, but you can find some exciting new and useful ideas if you leave out “Minecraft” and find real-life examples.

Here are some extra search tips:

  • Consider using specific types of architecture when searching, so instead of simply castle try looking for fortress or  keep.
  • You can also look for elements of those buildings, like buttresseswalls, or battlements.
  • Use regions or styles of architecture, such as Buddhist temples or Japanese feudal buildings
  • Look for non-obvious types of buildings: dungeons, tombs, temples, ziggurats, monuments, ancient cities
  • Take advantage of stylish video game creations when you search. Check out Zelda dungeons, World of Warcraft locations, and especially unique games like Shadow of the Colossus.
  • Use places from movies and fanasty novels. Add “fantasy” or “concept art” to the end of a search to find lots of these. You can check out places from novels like Lord of the Rings. Look up Edoras or Rivendell, or some of the neat Dwarven architecture from The Hobbit films.

I know you’ll come up with many crazy ideas for things you want to build. It just takes some practice. Creativity is a skill like anything else!

I’ve got Building Blueprints for Minecraft to help you learn how to make many kinds of structures in Minecraft. Check them out for some inspiration and as an easy way of getting started!


Minecraft Survival Guide render

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